The killer parody of Woodman's casting from My Duck's Vision

Descripción: Pierre Woodman's porn castings have become a real meme in the Internet space. It’s pretty simple to explain, because the Frenchman is a pretty funny and funny dude in and of itself. What are those series of castings, where he called Lola Taylor by shit on a stick, and one of the Russian chicks even managed it while the director put it firmly in his mouth, and Marcus Dupre roasted his ass. Nowadays humorists from My Duck's Vision studio who have sunk into oblivion have shot their “murderous” parody of the show. Masha comes to the casting and behaves quite strangely, without answering a single question from the director. But it is worth saying to Woodman that it is impossible to continue working like this, as the model instantly moves out of its coils, kills the translator and looks at the Frenchman with a dumb look.
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